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Meet Pack AlphA: SENsei Alizar du Canis

Just a Small Look into the Illustrious Life of Alizar du Canis

New Here?

If yes, that means your either a woman –if so, did you SEE the newest pics of Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet together! YOU MUST SEE IT (CLICK HERE)– or, your a man that is not yet a wolf of seduction, and are thus a beta cuck sheep to societies lies and you likely don’t have sex with women, or at least not nearly as often as you’d like. If your still here, your the latter: This is not an attack on you, but simply a consequence of not having consumed the sacred knowledge and training on seduction, sex, female being entities, and reality as a whole, that is taught to every aspiring member of the pack during “the wolf metamorphosis program” and re-enforced from then on out during “the wolf evolutionary journey” . Big words, I know. I don’t want to confuse you, so just know this. If you want to change your pathetic existence from one of a pussified beta laughing stock , to one of meaning and value, where you are actually fulfilling your sacred duty as a man -getting sex with women- than you need to join our sacrosanct brotherhood; you need to be come a wolf seducer. We will give you all the skills, training, and knowledge you need. I can’t stress enough now important it is that you join. Click the info-graphic below to learn more about and ultimately apply to, THE WOLF METAMORPHOSIS PROGRAM

If your still not convinced (which means the beta cuck brainwashing you have instilled in your conscious is working, activating fear idea molecules into your mind; don’t worry, we will cure your pysche in the metamorphosis program), feel free to click around the site to learn more over what we are all about. Hopefully you will wake up as you are exposed to more enlightening content. However, If you see everything we have to offer (publicly), and are still not sold -well son, you just may be a beta cuck sheep through and through- there was no saving you anyways.

Website GUide

To learn all about the history, traditions, maxims, ideologies, etc. that guide our divine pack, and to familiarize yourself with some of the wolf seducers who make up the pack, CLICK HERE

To expose yourself to The Ancient Lupine Method of Seduction, we have created the ultimate synopsis of this precise mating art form that you can see HERE

Likewise, we have also decided to start making VIDEO TUTORIALS over the seduction schemes detailed in Ille Sanctus Scrōll De Sexuālis Sēdūcō Schēma, as it can be intimidating, or perplexing for young wolves to visualize or perform specific Sexuālis Seduco Schema in real life environments, with real human women entities. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

NOTE: You musnt DARE try to utilize the Ancient Lupine Method of Seduction, and/or any Seduco Schema, on any woman, without having satisfactorily completed the WOLF METAMORPHOSIS PROGRAM. You won’t have the skills, knowledge, and swagger needed to pull the method off and consequently, you may end up a felon, a registered sex offender, or even dead !! (from getting rejected so devastatingly that you end up killing yourself,) I REPEAT, DONT YOU DARE TRY UNLESS YOUR AN INITIATED SEDUCTIVE WOLF.

To see all the great wisdom Sensei Alizar (& associates) share regularly, through a blog-esque medium on this forum; wisdom that originates from thousands of years ago, and has been passed down and enhanced by generation to generation by the Elder Wolves. CLICK HERE

Also be sure to check out the eye opening new audio podcast Sensei has decided to grace the pack, and the public alike, with. Every installment is unique, jam packed with knowledge, whether it be about seduction, philosophy, life lessons, the lupine method, being a wolf, and much more. Check it Out HERE

Lastly, be sure to support the pack, while improving your own mind, body, and spirit, by investing in life changing literature, metaphysical optimizers, and other mind blowing products that we offer HERE

And ALAS, learn more about the program that will allow you to ultimately join the carnal pack, become a seductive wolf, and start getting sex on your terms, CLICK HERE