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The Lone Wolf Route


If you are a seductive wolf brother here simply to refresh your knowledge of the fundamentals, fill free to skip around (your well within your right to do so). Likewise, if you are here peaking around out of curiosity, skip around as you please, but note that none of it will be of service unless you commit fully to the way of the seductive wolf. But now, if you are here to truly enlighten yourself with this wisdom for the first time ever, so that you can apply it to seducing female entities to give you sex, be sure to go in order through the material diligently, ingraining the knowledge in your mind as hard as you can, and completing all tasks listed to thier fullest.

There is truly no better way to illuminate yourself with this vital knowledge then participating in the Wolf Metamorphosis program, an intensive 3-month retreat where Sensei Alizar du Canis (Ph.D., Alp.W.) mentors currently sexually unfulfilled weaklings through the early stages of the “Wolf Evolutional Journey” that ultimately transforms them into strong, sexual beasts. Not only will you have the fundamental wisdom and skills enshrined into your spirit through a personalized, and arduous manner of demonstration and guideship, but you’ll achieve self-enlightenment, true comradery, and a myriad of skills that can’t gained anywhere else in the world. This can’t be recommended hard enough. Learn more here.

If you cannot, for whatever reason, invest in this life changing program that will change your life, then you can opt to learn these fundamentals on your own, using the framework listed in this page, that chronologically delineates all the wisdom Alizar has made available through his authorings, scriptures, and video tutorials. This will be a very arduous journey to complete alone, but Alizar is here to help, and if you implement the knowledge as stated, it indubitably can be done. Note: if you elect to go this route, in what we call the “Path of the Lone Wolf”, you will need to successfully meet the requisites stated here to gain an invitation to participate in the “Mystic Howl under the Full Moon” Initiation Ceremony and ultimately become a wolf member of the Sacrosanct Pack of Seductive Wolves.


Before even considering attempting to get sex with a lady entity, it is important you understand both the fundamentals of being a wolf, and the intricacies of the lupine method of seduction.

Without Further Ado, let’s jump in.

Fundamenta1 1: Educate Yourself

The simplest fundamental, as you don’t need to really DO anything. You just need to consume information

Read the 4 pillars of a wolf who gets sex book, do the quiz. Read all the Wolf wisdom blog. Commit to listening to “the Arousal Hour” weekly.

Fundamental 2: Master your Mind, Body, Phallus, & Soul

The Ultimate Self-Actualization Masterclass

Get mind right, destroy your pussy ego, develop your ideal physique, get you seductive style down (physically, mentally & astrologically), Having this determined will allow your seduction game to reach thier

Step 3: Understand the Seduction Process

{There are two main methods a wolf will go about seducing a women. 1 Instant seductions, Classified: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo where you do little to no prep, you just see a female you like and you go. Charades are not tooo elaborate, Seductions are typically. high risk high reward. 2 are Long Seductions, All other classifications. Are much broader

The Prowl (Pre – Seduction Work)

Read the Entirety of Ille Sanctus Scrōll De Sexuālis Sēdūcō Schēma, to understand just what is possible. Take quiz to make sure you understand> Watch Video Tutorials

Step 4: Learn How to Choose Which Sexuālis Sēdūcō Schēma