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Wolf Wisdom


All knowledge shared & dissected by Alizar du Canis in this blog originates from 2,000,000,000 B.C., back when men were just cavemen waiting for Jesus to come and teach them english, and wolves ruled the world. During this period, these wolves experienced many of the same philosophical and societal problems we as men face today, including every trial and tribulations that comes with mating.. One day, the alpha wolf of the entire Asian continent (Asian supreme alpha wolf) approached a council of 5 wise old ex-alpha male wolves, known as the sacred elders, begging to know the secrets of seduction and sex, so that his son could use the knowledge to attract and mate the the daughter of the African supreme Alpha Wolf, aphrodite

penetrate the daughter , his only heir, was having a hard time attracting and he wanted to unite the two powers of the world. The sacred elders informed the king that this So the sacred elders headed off to the top of mount Everest to ponder this great mystery, promising to return and share the truths to the King once they had discovered the truth, After 150 years (wolves used to be able to live that long), the elders concluded their ponderings, for they had figured it all out. They shared their discoveries among the great alpha wolves across the world, who would then spread their knowledge with the successor alpha of their pack. This tradition has continued for 2 billion years and still goes strong today (It is why alpha wolves are so good at getting sex.) . When Alizar rose to alpha of the southwestern Wyoming grey wolfpack, he was told all the secrets from the alpha he was succeeding Alizar knew this information was too valuable to risk forgetting, so he wrote all the information down, which ultimately became his first Taxpayer Times Best Sellers: SACRED WOLF WISDOM OF SEX AND SEDUCTION. However, Alizar didn’t have the life experience (that he now has) to truly understand and dive deeper into the wisdom. It is for this reason that Alizar has created this blog; to share his expanded knowledge, while rehashing and re-examining the fundamental truths that can be found in the groundbreaking literary work.