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To Seduce Effectively as a Man, You Must Experience Being SEDUCED by a MAN

Well Hello Everybody, Alizar here, with another update. 🙂

Today I want to enlighten you all on a new seduction training exercise -called the “A Night in Her Shoes” exercise- that I have just installed into the Wolf Metamorphosis Program. While it was designed for cubblings, I think can be extremely vital for all wolves to perform, especially those who are in a rut in terms of like having a hard time getting women to consent to giving you sex.

See, I now believe that there may be no better way to understand the power of seduction, than to have been seduced. Trust me, experiencing the receiving end of a well executed seduction is an eye opening, mind blowing experince. You will understand the true sensations and emotions that are induced by dialogic statements of seductive nature, subtle actions of physical and metaphysical sexual escalations, and all the little things in-between. You will also notice moves of seductive intent that fail, and you will understand why it flopped, in a way you never before understood, You can then add the moves that had true seductive power into your repertoire, while making sure to ERADICATE the moves the have negative effects. But even more importantly, you will know the EXACT sensation that is induced on the female target when doing a certain seductive move. Almost a Super Power really.

Of course, for this exercise to be of any informative use, you must be seduced by a man; remember, females are literally mentally incapable of seducing. They simply don’t have the mental agility to perform such a MASCULINE endeavor. They can only ATTRACT. This is just basic proven evolutionary biological science; the way God intended. I digress (happens often, I’m just too passionate about evolutionary biological science); look even if that wasn’t true, we wouldn’t want to learn how to seduce from a woman anyways; what are we, a bunch of gays?!? No, for we engage in sexual intercourse with women. So instead, logically thinking, we must be seduced by a big strong man, so thus we can learn how to seduce LIKE A BIG STRONG MAN.

Alright, now that you see the VITAL significance of this endeavor, here is the comprehensive tutorial on how to perform the “A night in her shoes” educational excercise.


Theres two ways to go about this exercise, you can either go full woman disguise, which will be the most beneficial learning experince; or you can go as a guy. If you elect the latter, make sure your the Twink of the dynamic. You mustn’t allow yourself to conduct this educational exercise with a Bottom as “the seducer”, as bottoms are just girls with cocks; just as braindead, and just as worthless when it comes to seduction. You will learn nothing. Therefore if go as a guy, make sure your with a Bear who has the specific desire to penetrate you.

Being that we will be posing as the feminine target during this exercise, it’s important to remember to stay focused. It will be very easy to get lost in mindspace of the role, accidently letting your mind go blank with girl thoughts, like constantly questioning whether you chose the right outfit for the occasion or obsessing over what his cock looks like. SO remember, STAY FOCUSED.

Best of luck with this exercise, my luponic brethren!

Stay Sexual, Seductive & Super,

-Sensei Alizar du Canis, Ph.D. Pack Alpha

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