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Sexuālis Sēdūcō Schēma VIDEO TUTORIALS

Ille Sanctus Scrōll De Sexuālis Sēdūcō Schēma, authored by Sensei Alizar du Canis (Ph.D. Alp.W.), is the comprehensive guide to every seduction methodology known to the animal kingdom. Without question, it is the most important scripture written to empower males to get sex.

Ille Sanctus Scrōll De Sexuālis Sēdūcō Schēma (Out of Stock)

All strategies, schemes, & systems found within these sacred texts were conceived, developed, and perfected over thousands of years of deliberate study and practice by the wisest beings ever to exsit second to god himself, the ELDER Wolves. During the final night of Alizar’s mythological time living amongst, and ultimately leading, the Southwestern Wyoming Wolfpack, the ELDER WOLVES appeared to Alizar and shared thier divine knowledge of sex, seduction, and women in thier native lupine tounge. Alizar transcribed thier elucidations upon the cave walls, apon which he soon returned and translated the wisdom into Ille Sanctus Scroll of Sexuālis Seduco Schema, among a myriads of texts, so that the knowledge could be shared and adopted with all wolves alive and fertile.

The “Lupine Elucidations” which Alizar du Canis inscribed on the
final night of his time as Alpha of the SW Wyoming Wolfpack.
He returned to human civilization to share his knowledge.

In and of itself, Ille Sanctus Scroll is the definitive tool a wolf NEEDS to be able to conquer any woman, in any situation. However, without experince, it can be intimidating to implement these Sexuālis Seduco Schema in real life enviorment, with real human women entities. Likewise, the prose may be difficult to understand, much less visualize, for both cublings of the school and ranked wolves alike.

For this reason, Sensei du Canis, along with the assistance of some apprentices, has decided to begin performing, producing, and distributing videographic tutorials of each of the Sexuālis Seduco Schema found within Ille Sanctus Scroll. Below you can find the demonstrations Alizar du Canis has graciously graced the brotherhood with so far. More will be coming soon.