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About the Carnel Pack of Seductive wolves

MAntra of the Pack



Hierarchy & Status of the Pack

Hierarchy is a critical aspect of our cherished brotherhood. Brother Taylor Lautner (Omega Wolf) eloquently painted (with his words) the importance of these distinctions during the second annual Pack Gathering Retreat in Reno, Nevada:

“In the symphony of organizational dynamics, the intricate tapestry of hierarchy, woven with the delicate threads of achievement, unfurls as a grand opus of distinction. Like a regal court where merit reigns supreme, the stratified structure ascends, ascending through celestial layers of significance. For it is in this sacred realm of distinction, where competence reigns supreme and the celestial stars of aptitude align, that the symphony of achievement resonates, reverberating with the profound significance of the virtuosos who lead the way, carving a path through the realms of success and greatness.” – Lautner, ’21, Zeta Wolf

I know I struggled to digest such plush prose; simply put, Hierarchy matters. Similar to the belt-based status system in Jew-Jitsoo, or the hat based status system of the Christian religion, the carnal pack of seductive wolves utilizes a hierarchical system based off the Greek alphabet (which was invented by wolves before the dawn of men).

Every wolf starts out as an Omega Wolf, the bottom classification of the hierarchy. To rise up the ranks, and progress through the wolf evolutionary journey, one must achieve the specified objectives for promotion to qualify for nomination into the next class of the wolf evolutionary journey. Evidence of the achievements must be presented at the monthly Pack Gathering Congregation. If deemed adequate by the pack Alpha (Sensei Alizar du Canis, Ph.D. Alp. W.), promotion will be granted in a ceremonious, esteemed manner. It is the divine personal mission of every wolf to raise up the ranks, and progress through the arduous evolutionary journey, until they ultimately become a FINAL WOLF.

The Final Wolves are a ranking honor for the most elite of the carnal pack. It is granted once you’ve have completed the entirity of the wolf evolutionary journey, and achieve the ultimate, having a three way (without paying for it). Upon achieving this (very few have), you will be honored with a FINAL WOLF designation, based ENTIRELY on your seductive style. You will be a forever legend of the organization, you will hold executive privileges within the pack, and you will be invited to the annual rendezvous of the Final Wolves in Reno, Nevada; a hedonistically, heaven-like event where the greatest legends of the pack have fun, show of thier seductive superpowers for the others to admire, and have great sex (Duh!)

So there you have it, the hierarchy of the pack, simplified!

The requisites for promotion

OMEGA WOLF: 1. Complete the Wolf Metamorphosis Program 2. Be initiated via “The Mystic Howl under the Full Moon Ceremony”

PSI WOLFE: 1. Get a Match on Tinder (Must be a female, above a 7, and real)



For one to become to stop being a beta cuck sheeple to societies lies, and instead begin the divine journey as a wolf, and join the carnal pack of seductive wolves, they simply must apply, excel in, and 100% complete the Wolf Metamorphosis Program, an intensive 3-month retreat where Sensei Alizar du Canis (Ph.D., Alp.W.) mentors current sexually unfulfilled weaklings on  the fundamentals of being a wolf, the intricacies of the lupine method of seduction. and the first stage of the “Wolf Evolutional Journey” to ultimately transform them into strong, sexual beasts. Not only will you acquire the foundational elder wolf seductional wisdom and sexual conquering skills ingrained into your spirit through a personalized, and arduous manner of demonstration and guideship, but you’ll achieve self-enlightenment, true comradery, and a myriad of skills that can’t gained anywhere else in the world. See, Alizar shamans all cubling prodigies through intimate spiritual & metaphysical sessions to discover their true ideal wolf form, while instilling the framework and he discipline needed to self-actualize. On top of that, Alizar will put your learnings to the test, helping guide you in real life seductions to build your confidence and your craft. It doesn’t stop there, Alizar instructs pupils to maximize thier physical prowess by teaching martial arts, meditation, arts and crafts, fashion style creation, comedy skills, public speaking power, juggling, and acrobatics. Lastly, the carnal bonds you will form with both Alizar, the other mentors and the fellow cublings undergoing the program, will in fact become the bonds you will hold most dear to your heart and your spirit. For we become brothers with intertwined spirits.

At the end of this retreat, all pupils who successfully complete the program will be invited to participate in “Mystic Howl under the Full Moon” Initiation Ceremony, where they will be promoted from prospective cublings to Omega Wolves, and inducted into the Carnal Pack of Seductive Wolves, among other honors and blessings.

If your tired off being a beta cuck sheeple loser stuck in the vestal state, click here to learn more about the wolf metamorphosis program, and apply!

If you cannot, for whatever reason, invest in this life changing program that will change your life, then you can opt to learn these fundamentals on your own, through the resources Alizar has made available through his authorings and his supplemental online materials. This will be a very arduous journey to complete alone, but Alizar is here to help, and if you implement the knowledge as stated, it indubitably can be done. Click here to learn and apply to the lone wolf route!